Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Judo - Why am I doing this to myself?

by Colin Cox

As this is my first post on here, I thought that I would explain why I've decided to pay good money to get ritualistically beaten up on a weekly basis.

I've been meaning to do it for a while, but being a master procrastinator, I've had a million excuses to not do it, each more feeble than the last, probably.

It came to a head recently when I failed a medical examination to become a bus driver because I have a history of depression and because I am too heavy (because in order to drive a bus you need to be a fucking Adonis).  This was a severe knock because I have a failing business and ever spiralling debts.

After talking to Jon Cronshaw, he insisted that now is the time and that I have no more excuses - how right he was.

So off we went to Pudsey Judo Club. We turned up on a Tuesday evening, four weeks ago and at first I honestly thought I'd made a mistake when I saw a large group of people who were clearly very advanced at the sport.  Thankfully, after talking to one of the coaches (Martin Baum), I was made to feel very welcome and at ease knowing that I was only there to do my best and not to go nuts.

Jon and I were then introduced to Robert Taylor (I think, it may possibly have been his twin brother, David) who showed us some basics such as how to fall backwards and forwards and some basic throws and pins which I do not remember the names of.

Week one was now in the books, the hardest step on a journey is apparently the first, and thankfully that was out of the way.

We've been back twice more and signed up to the beginners' course provided by the British Judo Association, £60 for a Judo Gi (suit), diary, grading and ten one hour beginner lessons which concentrate on technique.  This was both a bargain and exceedingly useful as going back to basics has shown me a couple of flaws that I need to correct (back break-fall especially).

Since I have been attending Judo classes, I have lost nearly a stone, started eating better, exercising more and generally being more energetic.  I've also rather painfully discovered muscles that I never knew I had.

I really would love to see how far I can take myself in Judo and Pudsey Judo club has shown me the way forward.

How far can I progress?  Who knows - but it's going to be fun finding out. 

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  1. All your problems are linked pal. Depression, weight, hey, even failing business - exercise is the key. You will lose weight and be healthier in your body and mind. Being active keeps you fit, endorphines make you feel good. It is simple biology. Stick with it and things will work out for you. Also St John's Wort, Vitamin D and L-Arganine supliments will help you on your way.